Ford C-MAX Hybrid 2012

Ford C-MAX Hybrid 2012
The no-plug C-Max Hybrid and plug-in C-Max Energi are based on the five-passenger C-Max sold in Europe. In an announcement in June to expand production of the two C-Max hybrids, Ford said it had changed its mind about the seven-passenger gasoline-only version of the Grand C-Max in the U.S and the C-Max will be a dedicated hybrid vehicle. The C-Max Hybrid will arrive in the first half of 2012 followed by the C-Max Energi.
Ford C-MAX Hybrid
The Ford C-Max is an American version of the European five-passenger C-Max that shares its underlying global C platform and many key components with the 2012 Ford Focus. “C” refers to an international size class, which in the U.S. falls into the compact class. In Europe, the C-Max is called a multipurpose vehicle (MPV), while most Americans will dub it a hatchback.
Like virtually every car in the category, the 2012 C-Max has front-wheel drive. Front drive positions the weight of the engine and transmission over the wheels that propel the car. That benefits traction on slippery road surfaces and, by placing the powertrain components in the front of the car, provides maximum space for passengers and cargo.
A critical dimension is wheelbase, which is the distance between the front and rear axles and a key factor in cabin space, particularly rear-seat legroom. At 104.2 inches, the 2012 C-Max’s wheelbase is just one-tenth of an inch less than the 2012 Focus, indicating adult rear-seat passengers will have adequate leg room.
Ford C-MAX Hybrid Interior


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